What's it really like to work on campus?

“My favorite part about working in the kitchen is the creativity we have.”

Spin N Stone - Rolando Garza (Sous Chef)

“If you're an off-campus resident, it's super easy access. I walk to work every single day.

The managers here are super time-friendly and work so well with your schedule. It's the best place to work!”

Starbucks Hullabaloo - Kenya (Student Associate)

“Its a really great experience. People are respectful from the top down. That’s what I really love about it.

My favorite thing about working here is getting to know different people. I am able to serve my community, that is something I’ve wanted to do all my life.”

Houston Street Subs - Kevin Green (Receiver)

“The most rewarding part would be the friendships, connections and networks I’ve made.

They want you to leave this university and go out and make an impact in the world”

Pamela - Slocum Nutrition Center (Student Supervisor)